Hear the music of the legendary Rosa Ponselle, watch the documentary film about her life and hear what others have to say about her life and career.

"The Legendary Rosa Ponselle," narrated by Elayne Duke, is a 25-minute video documenting the life and art of Rosa Ponselle.  From this link you can listen to an audio clip from the file or order the full video.

Rise Stevens on Rosa Ponselle

Selected Music

The selections below are available for download in MP3 files or RealAudio files. MP3 versions may be listened to on Windows Media Player or other free audio players available on the internet.  RealAudio is available from real.com.  Generally the quality of sound will be better with the MP3 versions.

The Rosa Ponselle discography is a robust catalog that captures some of the best operatic performances ever heard. While it is impossible to provide the full collection on our website, we have selected some of Rosa Ponselle's most special performances for your listening pleasure. These selections have been drawn from Rosa Ponselle (1897 - 1981) compact disc, volumes 1, 2, and 3. This CD is available wherever Romophone recordings are sold. For more information contact Romophone, your local record store, or the Rosa Ponselle Foundation about this and other Rosa Ponselle recordings.

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