Enrico Aloi

May 24, 1922 - March 24, 2002

My Rememberances' Aloi picture

'Pictoral Essay' Aloi picture
Photo by Leo Rosen, 
New York

The Rosa Ponselle Foundation deeply mourns the passing of Enrico Aloi on March 24, 2002.  He passed away of a brain tumor just short of his 80th birthday.  He was a close personal friend of Rosa Ponselle and the author of three books written on the life and art of Rosa Ponselle.  He was working on a fourth edition shortly before his death entitled, "The Ponselle Scrap Book."  The work will be completed by friends and associates and published.

Rosa Ponselle In Sight, Sound & Performance

178 pictures, copyright 1992 Enrico Aloi, New York: Vantage Press 189 pictures, copyright 1996 Enrico Aloi, New York: Vantage Press Over 200 pictures, copyright 2000 Enrico Aloi, New York: Vantage Press

Celebrate the life of Rosa Ponselle with these three pictorial works by author Enrico Aloi. In his first book, My Remembrances of Rosa Ponselle, Mr. Aloi presents Miss Ponselle in an intimate, personal and friendly manner having known her as a friend and frequent visitor for twenty-four years. He uses many amusing anecdotes of her life and performances.  In his second book, Rosa Ponselle, A Pectoral Essay, he briefly tells us about Rosa Ponselle's life and career. He paints an overall portrait of this great singer at the various stages of her life while providing us with 190 stunning photographs, her many actual programs, and interesting art work illustrating Rosa Ponselle's amazing life and career.  Read excerpts from his latest book, Rosa Ponselle - In Performance.

These books can be purchased for $40 plus $4 shipping each for US destinations or $50 plus $17 shipping each for residents of Great Britain and Europe.  Please contact The Rosa Ponselle Foundation.

Other books about Rosa Ponselle

Rosa Ponselle: A Centenary Biography
by James A. Drake

Rosa Ponselle's place as one of the great singers was destined from her 1918 debut opposite Enrico Caruso. This biography, supplemented with many rare photographs, gives an extensive bibliography and a chronology of her vaudeville, operatic, and concert performances. This biography is an invitation to readers to join in the engrossing search for the real Rosa Ponselle.

This book is available from The Opera Store.

Rosa Ponselle - American Diva by Mary Jane Phillips-Matz 1997. Northeastern University Press.  Available on





Ponselle - a Singer's Life. by James A. Drake 1982.  New York City: Doubleday.  This book is a rare and out of print.  It may be obtained through's used book search.



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