Ponselle CDs

Not included are various pirated recordings or those which have not, as yet, been brought to our attention by their producers.

The Rosa Ponselle Foundation would appreciate any additional updates of which our Website may be unaware.

Nl7805 NIMBUS - Volume I - Ponselle Prima Voce

Nl7846 NIMBUS - Volume II - Ponselle Prima Voce

Nl7878 NIMBUS - Volume III - Ponselle Prima Voce

8l006-2 - ROMOPHONE - Rosa Ponselle - The Victor Recordings (l923-l925)

8l007-2 - ROMOPHONE - Rosa Ponselle - The Victor Recordings (l926-l929)

8l022-2 - ROMOPHONE - Rosa Ponselle - The l939 Victor and l954 "Villa Pace" Recordings

MET 2l8CD - Rosa Ponselle - Portraits in Memory

GEMM CD 92l0 - PEARL- Rosa Ponselle - Casta Diva

GEMM CD 93l7 - PEARL- Rosa Ponselle - La Traviata

EKR 5l Rosa Ponselle in Concert (l936-l952)

GEMM CD 935l - PEARL- Verdi, La Forza del Destino Martinelli, Ponselle, Pinza, de Luca

GEMM CD 9350 - PEARL- Verdi, Il Trovatore/Aida Martinelli, Ponselle, Pinza, de Luca, Stracciari

CD MOlR 428 Rosa Ponselle and Giovanni Martinelli Sing Verdi - Great Voices of the Century


MARSTON CD52012-2 - Rosa Ponselle On The Air Volume I 1934-1936

Archival Collections

New York City Public Library for the Performing Arts

Maryland Historical Society

Maryland Room Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore Maryland

Meriden Public Library, Meriden, Connecticut

Memorabilia and Costumes

The Metropolitan Opera House

The Rosa Ponselle Museum, Meriden, Connecticut

The Rosa Ponselle Museum, Caiazzo, Italy, 200l



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