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News Releases

September 20, 1997 -- The Rosa Ponselle Centenary Year International Competition for the Vocal Arts Opens in New York City with Celebrated Jury

September 15, 1997 -- George Jellinek LIVE

August 20, 1997 -- Memorial Service to Commemorate Ponselle's Centenary

June 15, 1997 -- Rosa Ponselle Centenary Year "Young Marylander's" Competition Selects Seventeen Winners

March 5, 1997 -- Ponselle Centenary Celebrations Launched With Opera Stars From The Bolshoi, Kirov And Met

February 10, 1997 -- Rosa Ponselle Centenary Year "Showcase" Concert

February 4, 1997 -- Rosa Ponselle Gold Medals to be Awarded to John Ardoin and Peter Mark

January 6, 1997 -- Rosa Ponselle Centenary International Competition for the Vocal Arts Accepting Candidates

January 6, 1997 -- The Centenary Year Rosa Ponselle International Competition for the Vocal Arts

November 25, 1996 -- Centenary Year Rosa Ponselle "Young New Yorker'" Competition Open to Aspiring Classical Singers

October 20, 1996 -- Rosa Ponselle Centenary Year "All Marylander'" Competition

October 10, 1996 -- Postage Stamp to Honor Rosa Ponselle

June 25, 1996 -- Centenary Educational Programs to be Sponsored by the Rosa Ponselle Foundation

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