Contributions to the Rosa Ponselle Foundation

Charitable contributions to the Rosa Ponselle Charitable Foundation, Inc.'s Scholarship Fund are most welcomed. Contributions since 1981 have ranged from $5.00 to $150,000.

The most notable contributors have been:

Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation
Mrs. Hazel Ann Fox Award
The Getty Foundation Award
Mrs. Mabel Scott Georgi
The Puccini Foundation Awards
Mrs. Barbara Copanos Awards
Ida and Louise Cook Awards
Milton and Henriette Duke Awards
Richard Tucker Music Foundation Awards

A dedicated endowment by Hazen Ann Fox of $150,000.00 has established the Hazel Ann Fox Bronze Medallion Award in the Rosa Ponselle INTERNATIONAL Competition for the Vocal Arts.

Three books by author, Enrico Aloi, My Remembrances of Rosa Ponselle, Rosa Ponselle -- A Pictorial Essay, and Rosa Ponselle in Performance, have contributed over $12,000 to the Rosa Ponselle Charitable Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Fund. This dedicated fund has been used to annually award a bronze medallion in the name of Enrico Aloi and a $500 cash prize in the Annual Rosa Ponselle Young Artists' Competition.

Donations, endowments, and award allocation grants may be made payable to the:

Rosa Ponselle Charitable Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Fund
Stevenson, Maryland 21153

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