Rosa Ponselle Discography

We are extremely fortunate in that almost all of the commercial recordings made by Rosa Ponselle are readily available today on compact discs. Because earlier, more complete versions of Ponselle's recorded legacy are available in libraries for the collector interested in more in-depth detail about the recordings, we have chosen here to concentrate on what is currently available. In order to identify the various "versions" of a given selection, we have chosen to list the "matrix" and "take" numbers for all selections, followed by the catalog numbers of the available compact discs. The "take" number indicates the number of times a given selection was recorded, with the published "take" shown in bold face type.

Section 1 details the first series of recordings that Ponselle made for the Columbia Graphophone Company. Section 2 lists the three series of recordings she made for RCA Victor, 1923-29, 1939, and 1954. Selections from her commercial radio broadcasts are shown in section 3, and a few of the "private" recordings (vocal and spoken) that Ponselle made at her home, Villa Pace, are listed in section 4. Section 5 lists the titles and catalog numbers of the various available compact disc collections and one videotape.

For their help and support, I wish to express appreciation to Bernadette Moore of BMG Records, Louise and Virginia Barder of Romophone, Nimbus Records, and to James A. Drake, James M. Alfonte, H. Ward Marston, Jeffrey Miller, Hugh M. Johns, Raymond Horneman, Fono Enterprise SRL, Italy, and Elayne Duke of the Rosa Ponselle Foundation.  Please check the bibliography for resources used in this discography.

Bill Park
Athens, Texas, 1997

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