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October 20, 1996


Presented as an annual Eastertime event, the 6th Rosa Ponselle "ALL MARYLANDERS'" Competition will offer a five-day program from March l9 to 23, l997 at Goucher College's Kraushaar Theater.

The Rosa Ponselle Competition presentment will feature an audio/ visual lecture on Wednesday, March l9 on the Life and Career of Rosa Ponselle by Foundation President, Elayne Duke. During the Centenary year, Miss Duke will be touring North America, Europe and the Orient presenting the audio/visual lectures to opera centers and guilds, conservatories and universities.

A Winners' "Showcase" Concert of Saturday, March 22 at the Kraushaar Theater will debut the l996 Laureates and Medalists of the Rosa Ponselle "ALL MARYLANDERS'" and "YOUNG NEW YORKERS'" Competitions. National and international opera houses in the U.S.A., London, Moscow and Florence, Italy will be showcasing Laureates in concert from the "ALL MARYLANDERS'" and "YOUNG NEW YORKERS'" and the INTERNATIONAL Ponselle Competitions in special Centenary tribute programs throughout l997.

The Kraushaar Theater "Showcase" Concert Mistress of Ceremonies will be the renowned film and Shakespearean theater stage actress of the Old Vic Repertory Company, Irene Worth.

The Competition's three-day auditions of March 20, 2l and 22 are to be adjudicated by The Rosa Ponselle Foundation's Music Director, Maestro Igor Chichagov; distinguished music critic of the Dallas Morning News, TV and radio personality, and author of the Maria Callas biography, John Ardoin; managing and artistic Director and conductor of the Virginia Opera Company, Peter Mark; renowned American operatic great, Blanche Thebom, and legendary American operatic bass, William Warfield.

The three-day Competition auditions, the audio/visual lecture and "Showcase" Concert are open to the general public at no charge.

The scheduled dates and hours for each event are as follows:

Wednesday, March l9, l997 - The Rosa Ponselle audio/visual lecture
2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Meet the jury and young Laureates of the "Showcase" Concert General Seating/NO CHARGE

Thursday, March 20, l997

- Competition Auditions
l2:00 Noon to 6:00 P.M.
General Seating/NO CHARGE

Friday, March 2l, l997

- Competition Auditions
l2:00 Noon to 6:00 P.M.
General Seating/NO CHARGE

Saturday, March 22, l997

- Competition Auditions
l2:00 Noon to 4:00 P.M.
General Seating/NO CHARGE

"Showcase" Concert
8:00 P.M.
Tickets are required
General Seating/NO CHARGE

Sunday, March 23, l997

- Awards Announcements and Evaluations
2:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.
General Seating/NO CHARGE

The prize awards include Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallions to three top prize Laureates with a $500 cash award and a $l,000 training scholarship towards the preparation of the l998 Winners "Showcase" Concerts in Baltimore and New York City; up to ten Silver Rose Awards with a $300 cash award to recipients; and a $200 cash award to up to five Honorable Mention fellows. Silver Rose awardees will also receive training scholarships to appear in the l998 "Showcase" Concert in Baltimore.

A special Rosa Ponselle award will be allocated to a young lady between ages l2 to l7 for travel to San Francisco, tuition and living stipend as a participant in the Blanche Thebom Opera Arts Training Program of July l997.

A Teacher-of-the-Year Gold Medallion Award will also be named in l997 and presented to the recipient in the l998 "Showcase" Concert in Baltimore.

The l996 Gold Medallion Teacher-of-the-Year Awardee, Linda Dykstra, is to be honored on stage at the Kraushaar Theater during the "Showcase" Concert presentation. Three of her protégés were selected as awardees in l996 to perform in the Winners "Showcase" Concert of March 22, l997.

The deadline for application submissions is January 3l, l997. Brochures and applications requests will not be mailed out later than January l5, l997. Not more than l00 applicants will be accepted for candidacy.

Applicants must be current residents of the State of Maryland and may not be enrolled in schools outside of the State at the time of the Competition.

For further inquiries or brochure and application, please contact:

Miss Elayne Duke
Administrative Director of Competitions, Scholarships,
Educational and Opera Training Programs
Rosa Ponselle Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Stevenson, Maryland 2ll53-9999
Telephone (l 4l0) 46l6 Fax: (l 4l0) 486-0495

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