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November 15, 2000


Citing alarmingly high percentages of poorly trained singers resulting in a lack of artistic accomplishment over the past several years, The Rosa Ponselle Foundation has called a HALT to its INTERNATIONAL and "ALL MARYLANDER'" competitions, effective in the year 2001 and continuing until such time as the curricular planning within music institutions includes competent vocal training and artistic coachings, intensified in consistency and frequency, to meet the needs of developing young singers and the demands of the art.

The president of the Rosa Ponselle Foundation, Miss Elayne Reynolds Duke, has termed singers an ENDANGERED SPECIES threatened with EXTINCTION as evidenced in a serious decline in the art.  The Ponselle Foundation, which has expended over $3,250,000 during the 16 years of its INTERNATIONAL, "ALL MARYLANDERS'" and "YOUNG NEW YORKERS'" Competition presentments, has discontinued the cash awards, study grant programs and travel stipends through its Competition format until such time as music institutions meet the art at least halfway in their training practices of young voices.  Entrusted by its benefactress with an exemplary legacy to perpetuate, The Rosa Ponselle Foundation has resolved to no longer contribute the mediocrity in the art, as it currently stands, nor to forsake its fiduciary responsibility towards its endowment.  

Individual study grant awards shall continue to gifted your classical singers studying with competent private teachers who are willing to provide intensified training schedules without charging rapacious lesson fees.  Worthy young artists between the ages of 16 to 21 who can sight read and play either violin or piano are encouraged to apply to the Rosa Ponselle Foundation for live auditions.

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