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Well Done!
Brian Pryde <>
Glasgow, USA -

I have spent several years as a music librarian, and have been lucky enough to be paid for what is essentially a hobby. I have heard the recordings of many of the world's greatest singers, and have enjoyed many of them. To me, Ponselle stands supreme as a soprano, and I would have loved to have met and especially to have heard this wonderful singer. Whilst I consider myself fortunate to have heard Joan Sutherland, another who I admire greatly, there may never be another Ponselle - if the new millennium brings a comparable voice, those who hear it are in for a treat.
steve dolman <>
glasgow, scotland -

Have long enjoyed Ponselle's recordings - like many others I wish I had that time machine to go back and hear what she really sounded like in the theatre - since Internet started it has been a great pleasure to realise that so many other people share my passion for the great singers of the past- I can't help feel that singers today do not really reach the same level - we have become so "precious" about opera that the real glory and passion of the art is side stepped - singers seem to begin careers and sing opera for which they have not the technique or voice. I recently bought Ponselle's famous Traviata from the Metropolitan - the sound quality is poor from the old broadcast but I would rather listen to Ponselle than any of the Violettas on more modern recordings. Thank you for the site and for the work you do to keep the memory and work of this glorious artist alive - I too am very sad to have missed visiting Villa Pace - I visit the Washington/Baltimore Area every year and if only I had done a little more research earlier maybe I could have visited.....too late now I suppose.......
Gregory Gyllenship <>
London, England -

The year was 1935 and I was a teenager with the good fortune to have a standing room ticket for a performance of La Gioconda at the Met.starring Rosa Ponselle. That was the night I became addicted to the Ponselle magic. In subsequent years I managed to hear all the great voices but no one ever came close to matching the splendor and indescribable beauty of Rosa Ponselle's voice. Add to her matchless voice her his- trionic ability and a magnetic stage presence and you have a combination to be equaled only in fantasy. My only regret is that having heard Ponselle I managed to find something lacking in all the others.
MARIO LEBANO <mlebano>

I run an Italian American Online Bakery (cookies) could you email your members or mention it in your newsletters Your help would be appreciated. Joe
joe anastasio <>

Even though she rarely performed in Europe, she is far from forgotten here ! Her discs are a revelation and there must have survived some MET-broadcasts with her from the 30s ?! Compliments also to Andrew Farkas for his excellent and highly informative biography. How I wish I could have heard her "Gioconda" dal vivo - Evviva Ponselle !
Laura Semrau <>
Vienna, AUSTRIA -

Miss Duke, I will never forget the first time, about four decades ago at about age 14, that I heard a recording of Rosa Ponselle. The sensation I felt then has never left me. In all the time since then I have gained a lot more knowledge of singers and singing, collected a fantastic number of recordings, including those of other singers, and have read everything I could find about Rosa. No other singer leaves me as satisfied as she, none. I've followed your association and your work from this distance and am glad and so very grateful that you are carrying on the legacy of Rosa Ponselle. Her art, through her recordings has meant much to me, and I am always anxious to play her recordings for anyone who isn't familiar with her. I have managed to acquire all of her 78s, as well as everything else I could get my hands on. I'm sorry that I did not get to visit Villa Pace while it was a museum and before it changed hands. Bless you, dear lady, for your loyalty to Rosa Ponselle.
Stanley Dearman <>
Philadelphia, MS USA -

Ms.Duke your website is very interesting. I enjoyed visiting immensely! I can not wait until next years competition. Distinti Saluti, Nicole Vadala
Nicole Vadala <>
Adelphi, Md USA -

This is a great web site I hope in the future to see more like it.
Jamie Eason
Tulsa, OK USA -

thanks for adding a guest book to the website. Rosa Ponselle will like as long as people care about the human voice. I have CD's of her complete Carmen and Traviata, but can't find her 1934 Met Don Giovanni. Help, anyone? Joe Fischer
Joe Fischer <>
Indianapolis, IN USA -

A really excellent WEB site. I highly recommend Mr. Aloi's two books on Miss Ponselle. They are not only highly readable, but very beautiful visually as well! Many thanks.
Robert Haase <>
Marco Island, FL USA -

I have been a devoted admirer of Ponselle ever since my father first introduced me to her wonderful records when I was about 10 years old. Now, some 40 years on, I am still as much in awe of her voice as ever. It was I think her recording of the closing Forza scene with my favorite tenor and bass, Giovanni Martinelli and Ezio Pinza, that made me determined to become what I am today, that is a transfer engineer and producer of historical records. My Pearl CD of the Diva has been one of my proudest achievements, gaining some fine reviews and a soon to be released Martinelli double CD includes more of their fabulous partnership. If only I could go back in time........ With very best wishes to your organisation and keep up the good work. P.S. How much is the postage on the postcard and folder sets. I would like to buy them and need to know how much to add to the dollar check.
Roger Beardsley <>
Grimsby, UK -

I began taking voice lessons last year and fell in love with the art. I am pleased to hear of anyone helping to further the arts
Kelly Skidmore <>
Walkersville, MD USA -

This site is marvelous. It should be celebrated as both a tribute to a wonderful woman and as an educational resource for music lovers. Thank you for keeping the memory of one of the Greatest alive!
Classical Singer Magazine <>

the pictures at the top are graceful and elegant for this beautiful tribute. Glad I found it. I'm writing and essay for a scholarship for college on Rosa Ponselle and since we had to choose a famous Italian American Woman, I chose her. Thank you.
kristi <>

Our daughter competed in the "All Marylanders" competition 1998, and won a silver rose award at 10 years old. It was a wonderful experience and she has been interested in finding out about opera and Rosa Ponselle since. I would like to thank everyone involved with the competition especially Miss Duke for making everything special for all the young singers and opening up a new world for my daughter.
Tina Harris <>
Bowie , MD USA -

As a long-time fan and admirer of Rosa Ponselle, I finally had the opportunity to visit her family home on Springdale Avenue in Meriden, CT on Easter Sunday while visiting relatives in nearby Cheshire. I was extremely disappointed to find this historically significant dwelling in gross disrepair with different families apparently living in each of its three floors. From what I have read describing the property at the time the Ponzillos lived there, I am sure the place is still relatively unchanged or modified. The structural alterations attributed to Rosa's father are still present. However, considering the importance of this woman to American cultural and artistic history, I find this disregard shocking. Indeed, I rather expected the town of Meriden (perhaps in cooperation with individuals from the Foundation) would have attempted to preserve and show off this house as a permanent reflection of the most important individual to come from this city in the last 100 years. I doubt that the boyhood and family homes of Caruso, Puccini, Verdi, or even Pavarotti would be permitted to deteriorate to the extent of the Ponzillo family home in CT. This dwelling, in fact, gave rise to two Met operatic wonders; not just one! If anyone has had a similar experience or any ideas or suggestions, please contact me by E-mail. Thanks.
Dr. Stephen A. Schwartz <>
Port Washington, NY USA -

What a beautiful website! It--and the important work of the Ponselle Foundation--is a fitting tribute to one of our country's greatest artists. I too am passionate in my devotion to Ponselle. I listen to her recordings almost daily, and, her genius never fails to amaze and move me. Thank you for bringing her to an even larger-electronic-audience.
James Cooke <>
Baltimore, MD USA -


As Gold Medalist in the first annual "All Marylanders" competition, and as finalist in the 94 International Competition, I am proud to say how helpful the Ponselle Foundation has been. They introduced me to a set of standards I will use for the rest of my career. Many warm thanks to Elayne Duke for her unfailing dedication to the best interests of young singers in our country.
Jason Ferrante <>
New York, NY USA -

When I was four years old, Calvin G. Child, who signed the artists to record for RCA Victor, gave me my first record player and old 78 recordings (some of them just one-sided). So I grew up listening to Enrico Caruso, Ezio Pinza, and my favorite soprano by whom all others are always measured--Rosa Ponselle. How could I not have grown up to love opera?
Joe Shaver <>
Hot Springs, VA USA -

What a wonderful foundation. Maybe I will enter the competition in the future. Thank you.
Nelson Caruncho <>
Pasig, Philippines -

What a wonderful foundation. Maybe I will enter the competition in the future. Thank you.
Nelson Caruncho <>
Pasig, Philippines -

The greatest American soprano should have her own website. I know of no other voice like Madame Ponselle's and always refer the novice opera buff to stop and listen to one our greatest national treasures...the voice of Rosa Ponselle will get anyone on the right track.
Marc Musnick <>
Union City, NJ USA -

What a wonderful web site. What a wonderful idea to celebrate the greatest of the sopranos. I have been listening to opera for fifty years and no soprano inspires me as much as Rosa Ponselle. Her voice was indeed pure gold, and her singing was pure genius.
Christopher D. Costanzo <>
Randolph, VT USA -

What a joy to see such a beautiful www page dedicated to this superb person!!!! We have dedicated a page to Rosa Ponselle, on our web site: We take great pleasure in knowing that this great talent was originally nurtured in an ambience that was shared by those of us who grew up in an Italian immigrant family.
James C. Mancuso <>
Delmar, NY USA -

I have enjoyed your website. I think it is wonderful that you have the competitions for the young vocalists in Maryland, of which our daughter has been a competitor. It is a wonderful experience for them and your judges evaluations are very informative. I especially noted the extra care and time that Mr. Warfield and Ms. Thebom took with explaining where the competitors needed improvement and went as far as to vocalize the portions of the pieces to show what they were actually explaining. It has been such a wonderful education for our daughter. Please continue with your contribution to furthering the arts. My mother's aunt was a concert coloratura in Germany and we just loved to hear her sing when she came to live here, music has always been #l in our family.
Cindy <>
Bowie, MD USA -

Love the Web site and reading about memorabilia available. My favourite personal reminiscence stems from 1976, when Ponselle was still active at Baltimore Opera. She responded to my youthful letter of admiration with a gorgeous signed portrait of her Norma. A treasure that has very special place in my house. I highly recommend everyone buy the new " Art of Singing" video that's all the rage. Her screen-test Carmen is a delight, as are a few moments from an interview. I believe this is all that exists of her on video. If anyone has news otherwise... name your price! Has anyone ever heard anything more of the legendary, mythical acetates that were once rumoured to exist of her Covent Garden "Norma"? Along with the rumoured Callas-Bjoerling "Trovatore" from Chicago, this would be the discovery of the century. Best wishes to all Ponselle devotees.
Neil Kelly <>
Ottawa, Ont Canada -

Enjoyed visiting the site, will pass it on to my friends.
Mary Nell de la Garza <>
McAllen, Tx USA -

Excellent Organization. would like to link it to my Italian American Web Site.
Joseph Anastasio <>

A Rosa Ponselle CD caught my attention last week at the library. I must confess that it was not the name of the singer but Maria Callases comment on the front sleeve about this singer being the best of the best (or something like that) that made me select this one. It was with great surprise that I listened to her singing. I was even more surprised to notice the big influence that she had on Maria Callases singing technique and repertoire.
Jose Luis Perez <>
Los Angeles, Ca USA -

This is a test
Jane Smith <>

Welcome to the Rosa Ponselle Foundation's new guest book! Please contribute your entry to our running dialogue.
Jeffrey Seifert <>
Stevenson, MD USA -

BSGtech <>
Springfield, VA USA -

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